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The activities of SOS Children's Villages after emergency situation.

13 June, 2020
We hope you are safe and sound! We are happy that the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 has been significantly restricted in Latvia and the emergency situation (which was declared throughout the national territory from 14 March 2020 until 9 June 2020) is canceled. Although there are many restrictions about public gatherings and travel, as well as many special precaution measures still in place, the situation gradually comes back to normal. Thank you for being with us through all the difficult times!

The children are safe with their SOS parents in the villages. We are still calling on everyone to be careful and act with precaution in order to restrict the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

The school year was finished by distance learning and annual summer holidays started in June. We hope the new school year will start normally in September for all children again. Now we are waiting for summer camps to open (and are kindly asking for donations to cover participation in them). Children are eager for new experiences after months of restrictions.

Our support and training groups are going back to face-to-face meetings, but we still keep some distance learning models, too – the new situation helped us to learn new skills as well. The social workers of family support centres continue to work with vulnerable families with children living in local communities, helping them in any crisis situation. Our out-of-family care support centres are providing necessary support to foster and adoptive families, and guardians.

We are very grateful for your support. Even if you will not meet our goodwill messengers in supermarkets for the coming weeks, the online donations are highly appreciated through our online facilities at

(More info about current COVID-19 situation in Latvia:  OR ).  

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