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Experience shows us we can deliver our mission better by working in partnership with others. We collaborate with companies, schools and community groups, individuals, trusts and foundations, linking your interests and generous donations with our project needs. 

Why partner with us?

We build meaningful mutually beneficial relationships with our corporate partners. Our corporate partners bring valuable resources and insight to our work. Together we build partnerships which align with our mutual objectives, working to engage your employees and customers through creativity and passion. We know the transformational impact corporate partnerships can have on the communities we work with.


Potential and existing clients, employees and partners will appreciate the positive initiative. Possibly, SOS Children’s Villages are your company’s future clients, partners or employees. Latvia’s SOS Children’S Villages association has a public benefit organization status, therefore, by donating to the association, companies receive tax credits dictated in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.


How can your company help children?

We appreciate any help and support. Select one most appropriate to the abilities of your company! 

  • One-off donation
  • Regular donations; frequency and value determined by the company
  • Target donation, for instance supporting a specific SOS family, becoming ‘’godparents’’ of a family, providing sessions with specialists for one or more children, etc.
  • Collecting donations through company merchandising
  • Inviting partners of the company to support SOS Children’s Villages during corporate events, etc.
  • Providing the services of your company to us free of charge
  • Donation in kind
  • By purchasing charity Christmas cards
  • Providing summer jobs for SOS Children’s Villages youth
  • Advertising the work of Latvia’s SOS Children’s Villages through the company’s informative materials and social networks

Please, transfer the donation to one of our three donation bank accounts:

SEB bankā LV56UNLA0050011994184
Swedbank LV65HABA0551033254521 
Luminor bankā LV03RIKO0000083612402
Citadele LV66PARX0019585450001  


For more information on cooperation with companies, please, contact the head of corporate cooperation Dace Straume dace.straume@sosbca.lv or tel. 2567 2677.

Thank you to every company that supports us! Many of our projects would not be possible without your help.

Incentives for taxpayers making donations - 3 parallel alternatives

Taxpayer who has donated to a public benefit organization (PBO), budgetary institution or to the State capital company, carrying out the state culture functions delegated by the Ministry of Culture is entitled to use one of three alternative incentive models:

  • not to include the donated amount in the CIT taxable base of the taxation period but not more than 5% from the profit of previous reporting year after taxes, or
  • not to include the donated amount in the CIT taxable base of the taxation period but not more than 2% from the total gross wage calculated for the employees (with paid state mandatory social insurance contributions) in the previous reporting year; or
  • to decrease CIT calculated in the taxation period for the dividends calculated in the reporting year by 85% from the donated amount but not exceeding 30% from the calculated CIT amount for the calculated dividends.

Limitations – tax incentive is not applied, if at least one of the following conditions exist:

  • a donation is made to a person related to the donor;
  • a donation made has a nature of consideration;
  • if a tax debt exists.

Supporters comment:

Kārlis Danēvičš, SEB Bank, member of the Board

Every good deed begins a series of good deeds and multiplies. One rescued child, one psychologically healthy child becomes a good member of the society and will do good deeds. You will not always feel it directly, but you will feel it through living in a better country, raising your children in a safer country. And we all benefit. For small nations, it is a matter of survival – caring for one another and live by the philosophy – the better for you, the better for me! I do not aim to be the richest man in the local graveyard, because there is no purpose; I aim to leave a better Latvia than that I was born in and to convert at least a few negative spirals into positive ones.

Oskars Melbārdis, latvian bobsleigh athlete, Olympian

I decided to donate to SOS villages because of an acquaintance. Of course, I did not have to think too much before taking the step, as I had been looking for something similar before. Such a decision must come from the heart – I am genuinely sorry for the little ones missing essential things -, therefore, I donate every month. I highly appreciate the work of the SOS organization, that has been active since 1997. Good luck, everyone!

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